Monday, 29 September 2014

And then there was cake!

Some while ago someone posted a photograph on Facebook of individual cupcakes on top of which were little mini-books made of icing.

Yes, this really is a cake!
It was such a fantastic idea that I decided I'd like to do something similar when the new Esme Quentin novel,
The Indelible Stain, was published.

My cake making skills aren't up to anything as detailed as individually made folded mini-books but there are simpler options, which can be just as effective.

And so, this weekend at the official Launch Party, we had a Book Cake!

Set in the middle of the table, it made a striking impression as everyone arrived.

I hadn't realised how far the concept of edible icing had come. There are several companies who have the facility to print a copy of any photograph you care to send them with edible inks on to a thin icing layer.

All set. Now pop open the Champagne!   

The printed image arrives through the post (and, in our case, extremely promptly from Cake Topper Designs) in a sealed polythene bag and, if required, keeps for up to 6 months.

When your cake has been iced and you're ready to position the image (not too early, or it will dry out and crack before you get it in place), you remove it from the bag, carefully lay it on top of the cake and smooth it into place. Brilliant!

Never trust a woman with a glass of bubbly in one hand
and a knife in the other. Especially a crime writer!

When I lifted the knife to make the cut (in true crime fiction style), there were comments that it was a shame to cut it up.
Not an idea which persisted for very long, though, once everyone realised they'd then not be able to tuck into the cake underneath...
...which as the evidence shows, they did (with the rest given out in doggy bags).

Many thanks to all those who came along to celebrate, eat cake and buy a book!

And to those who weren't at the launch and want to find out more about The Indelible Stain, click on the image on the left or below for all the details.


  1. What a wonderful idea. It looks really good, Wendy!

    1. It made a great impression on everyone, Helen. Someone didn't realise it was a cake and thought it was a large book!

  2. Replies
    1. It certainly was, Linda. It really made an already special occasion even more so!

  3. What a wonderful idea for a cake Wendy - I didn't realise such things were possible! I'm so pleased you had such a great celebration :-) Well done.

    1. Thanks, Georgia. Wasn't it you who shared the photo on FB of those little books on cupcakes? It was that which set me thinking. It was lovely seeing people's reaction to the cake as they arrived!

  4. I think it was, they were adorable but I didn't realise such things were achievable by people who weren't specialised cake decorators! I shall have to do better in the future :-)

    1. We'll, it was the simplified version! Good fun, though.