Friday, 8 November 2013

Best of.. Worst of.. A Tale of Two Couriers

The Worst of...

Excitement! Books due for delivery! No problem - in all day.

Wait in anticipation, and wait, and wait. No delivery. Ah well, road works nearby, weather rough, hold ups... Message received. Re-delivery promised for next day.

Wait in. Again. Wait, wait, wait. Again. No delivery... Miffed! Phone call, complain. Grovels received. Promises for the NEXT day (Saturday).

YES!!! Box of books arrive, delivered by Saturday delivery man with a few disparaging words about his colleague for whom he's had to 'mop up' week-day left overs before!

But at least they're here... bit battered, though. Looks like the box has come open and they've been shoved back in... mmm. Not impressed. Complain again! At least the books seem to have survived their ordeal. Just...

The Best of...

Excitement! Bookmarks due for delivery! Email received: "your delivery has been dispatched and will arrive tomorrow." Hooray! No problem - in all day.

Second email the next morning: "Your delivery will arrive between 2.00 pm and 3.00 pm with Darren." Wow! Never had a time before.

Later, about 1.30 pm, notice it also says: "Click here to see where Darren is now." Give it a go... "Darren is here (mark on map!) currently delivering parcel number 36. You are parcel number 38. Darren will be with you in about an hour." Hey, impressive stuff!

Less than an hour later, a van pulls up. 'You Darren?' I call from the doorstep. 'Yep,' he replies, jauntily. 'And I'm 7 minutes early!'

Hands over box with a smile and is gone. That's what I call a service!

I won't mention the name of the Worst courier on this occasion, in case it's a mere blip but I'm happy to applaud the quality service of the Best.. .

Thank You Interlink!


  1. If only they were all Darrens!
    It's a very eye-catching book cover. Don't suppose the delay was because the courier stopped to have a quick read ..?

    1. Mmmm interesting idea, Linda! Hadn't thought of that!