Saturday, 30 November 2013

NaNoWriMo... Or not

A writer friend (newly cometh to the writing life) asked me if I was an 'Edit As I Go Along' writer, or of the 'Write, Then Edit' camp. I'm definitely the latter. For some writers going over what they've written the day before works for them but for me, it would inhibit me to the point where I'd fret so much about what I'd already written I wouldn't make any progress at all. Get it down then get it edited, is my mantra.

This is one of the ideas behind NaNoWriMo,  - National Novel Writing Month, to the uninitiated - which ends today. Write every day in November and rejoice in what you achieve by the end. Many contributors have posted during the month, fretting or otherwise, about their daily word counts. And well done to all, whatever achieved!

I, meanwhile, I've been engaged in a different version of the NaNoWriMo concept and I've called it LoNoWriMultiMo - Local (my desk) Novel Writing Multiple Months.

Although I didn't give myself the end of November as a deadline, it seemed like a good idea to 'join in' and use the occasion to focus on completing the draft of my current novel before succumbing to the festive season.

So far, I'm holding my own (the evidence of all that hard work must be in the fact that I've done a post since 8th November!) and I dare to hope that by Friday 13th December (unlucky for some!) I'll have reached my goal.

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